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Welcome to CORDY LIMS; The first ever Cordelia Chase Last Icon Maker Standing community!

What is LIMS? Lims is simply a contest where participants enter the challenges each week. So, every week I will post two photos of Cordelia played by the wonderful Charisma Carpenter from Buffy/Angel. Participants will be asked to enter 1 icon per week. Once all entries are in, a poll will be put up to vote for your least favourite and also your favourite. Valid reasons must be given when voting. As the weeks go by, participants will be eliminated depending on the outcome of the vote until there is only one icon maker left standing!

If you'd like to affiliate just simply reply to the any post!


001. You must join the community before signing up.
002. Sign up using the code word YOU'RE WELCOME, if you do note use the code word I will ignore your post.
003. Icons must be in before the deadline or you will be eliminated.
004. 100x100 icons only!
005. Icons MUST be made anonymous until after the voting. Then you can post the icon wherever.
006. Brushes, text, stock photos etc are allowed.

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